3 Delicious Foods To Make Around a Fire Pit


Once your friends and family are gathered around your brand new, beautiful concrete fire pit, you need to supply the snacks and entertainment! Aside from roasting marshmallows over the glow of the fire, there are so many recipes you can cook for your friends and family over your fire pit.


Chocolate + Graham Crackers + Marshmallows = AMAZING. This classic snack has been passed down from generation to generation, each with their own personal variations. Check out some of these awesome s’mores adaptations and recipes:

Hot Dogs

Looking for a great dinner option for your friends and family? How about hotdogs? Just like a marshmallow, stick a hotdog on the end of a stick and get roasting!

Quick tip: keep the hotdog buns warm by resting them near the fire to get golden brown. Make sure that the stone or rock you rest the hotdog buns is clear of dirt or leaves before you do so. Of course, you can always use a plate or paper towel to keep your hotdog buns clear of dirt and smoke from the fire.

Baked Potatoes

To make baked potatoes over your fire pit, follow these steps:

1.     Wash your potatoes and poke holes in each potato.

2.     Spread butter and salt on the skin of the potatoes.

3.     Wrap your potatoes in tin foil and let them sit in hot coals for approximately 25-35 minutes. Another option is to position a wire rack above the flames and rest your baked potatoes there.

4.     Carefully, and safely, take the potatoes out after the allotted baking time. Unwrap and enjoy!

Use these delicious fire pit recipes the next you have family and friends over to hang out around the fire pit. Don’t have a fire pit? Call Creative Concrete Solutions today to get started. 615.289.8823.

Try These Summer Concrete Projects


Are you looking to take on an exciting and creative project this summer? Due to the versatility of concrete, you can create numerous functional and decorative items for your yard, home, and patio. If you’ve got some time this summer, try one of these engaging projects.

Concrete Planters

Instead of purchasing planters for your in-home or outdoor garden, make them out of concrete. Not only will they last much longer than the clay planters, you’ll have the ability to form the concrete planter into any design or object you desire. Concrete allows avid gardeners to add a whole new dimension to their outdoor masterpiece. Try making your own concrete planters this summer.

Concrete Fire Pit

As we’ve mentioned before, what better way to spend the weekend than around a fire with family and friends? Fire pits are one of the simplest ways to bring people together and enjoy the great outdoors. Although it is possible to create fire pits on your own during the summer, it may take a while. Instead, trust your local concrete professionals. In addition to having the job done on time and quick, they’ll create the fire pit you’ve been dreaming of.

Concrete Stepping-Stones

Add a bit of flair to your backyard with stepping-stones. Not only can concrete stepping-stones outlast the harsh summer heat and torrential downpours, they also allow homeowners to shape or design them to match their personal style. From functionality to aesthetics, concrete stepping-stones are an easy summer project to take on.

Have you started any summer projects? Add to your list with these easy concrete projects.

Looking to add a larger concrete project to your Murfreesboro, TN home, such as a

  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Garage Floor
  • Countertops
  • And more?

Choose Creative Concrete Solutions to complete your home or business concrete project. Call us today at 615-289-8823 to get started.

Should You Install a Fire Pit or a Fireplace?


When looking to revamp the appeal of your backyard, adding a concrete feature will not only increase the value of your property but also the functionality. Two of the popular backyard options include a fire pit or a fireplace. Each of these options will warm up your property and provide you with a beautiful yard. Although both produce heat, each option has it’s advantages and disadvantages depending on the particular situation. So, which option is best for your Middle Tennessee home? You need to ask yourself the following questions.

How Many People Will Be Using It?

The number of people using your concrete feature will have a large significance in the type of structure you choose. For instance, a fireplace provides a very intimate and close experience, while a fire pit can accommodate a large audience. Prior to purchasing your concrete fire pit or fireplace, keep in mind the approximate number of family members and friends using the feature.

Consider the View

Depending on where you live in the Middle Tennessee area, your home may boast a magnificent view. If you want to keep your view and enjoy a fire, a concrete fire pit is the way to go. A fireplace will completely block the view due to the sheer height and mass of the object.

What Ambiance Do You Want To Evoke?

Do you want your backyard concrete addition to provide a fun environment or a cozy, relaxing ambiance? Your decision will affect whether you purchase a fire pit or a fireplace. Fire pits tend to draw large groups of friends, while fireplaces are best when used by only a handful of people.

Once you take all three of these questions into consideration, you can make your final decision. Which concrete feature do you plan to install in your Murfreesboro, TN backyard? A fireplace or a fire pit? Whichever you choose, be sure to call the concrete professionals at Creative Concrete Solutions. With our expertise and experience in the concrete industry, we’re Murfreesboro’s top concrete company. Call us today to learn more about our concrete fire pits and concrete fireplaces.