Concrete Facts: 3 Things You Never Knew

Concrete fun facts
You see concrete every day. Whether it’s a sidewalk, parking lot, or even a building, it is all around us. While constant exposure to the material might have led you to deem it “boring” or “normal,” there are some interesting facts about it that might strike you as surprising.

Creative Concrete Solutions knows concrete. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting tidbits about our favorite construction material for you to enjoy!

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Ancient Material

Concrete has been used for centuries. To find when it first emerged as a popular construction material, one would have to look as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome – roughly 800 BC!

Although it was produced differently, its earliest uses were not unlike how we use it today. It played a vital role in the construction of some of the most iconic and historic structures of the Roman Empire, including every arch and dome you’ve seen in a textbook.

One ingredient of ancient concrete that you won’t see in any of today’s offerings is a material called pozzolana. This ancient ingredient is nothing more than a type of volcanic ash that reacts with water to form an incredibly strong binding agent that is perfect for concrete.

Mysterious Ways

There are points in the process of concrete production that still have materials scientists perplexed. Reactions between cement powder and water remain a mystery to experts: the specifics behind the reactions are totally unknown!

There are plenty of theories circulating regarding the production of concrete and this enigmatic reaction, but there is no firm evidence confirming any of them. The debate will likely rage on as to how the reactions result in the material we’ve all grown to recognize while the true answer will hang just out of reach of some of the brightest minds on the planet.

Familiar Face

The entire world uses concrete. It is strong and affordable, leading to its use in countless projects in all corners of the earth each year. It actually crushes some of the other familiar names in the world of construction materials.

Wood, steel, aluminum, and plastics all pale in comparison to the amount of concrete used across the globe. In fact, it is used twice as much as those other building materials combined! All in all, the concrete industry (just in the United States) is about a $30 billion industry – not bad for “boring” old sidewalks and driveways!

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