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At Creative Concrete Solutions, we are concrete staining contractors providing services in Murfreesboro, TN. Our services are reliable and quick to create the staining you desire for your home. Staining residential concrete floors will add an exciting element and design.

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Types of Concrete Staining

Acid Stains

Acid stains are water, acid, and metallic salts combined and react with the lime in concrete. Acid stains are translucent colors of brown, green, and blue. Sometimes it may also have a red tone to it, like mahogany.

Acid stains don’t require harsh or long surface preparation. Furthermore, spraying the acid mixture with a hand pump sprayer is usually the method. The amount of dye released varies on every floor.

Since concrete is not consistent because of varying drying times, the darkness and flow of the stain will look different. The lime in the concrete will determine what the overall look will be.

Acetone Dyes

Acetone-based dyes have more colors than acid stains. They are more vibrant and pigmented than acid stains and water-based staining. Dyes do not paint over concrete but are sometimes used to even out acid stains.

Water-Based Staining

Water-based staining has different colors and more options than acid stains. However, they are softer in color than acetone dyes.

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Our Concrete Staining Process

  • Contact Creative Concrete Solutions for concrete coloring in Murfreesboro, TN. We will discuss the pricing, process, and more information on staining concrete with you.
  • Design your dream concrete floors. Choose the stains and dyes you want on your new residential concrete floors. We will also give you other concrete flooring ideas you may be interested in creating a fantastic-looking home.
  • Enjoy your stained concrete floors. After scheduling and completing the staining process, enjoy your new floors.

Stained Floors FAQs

Usually, stained concrete floors should last a lifetime while being properly maintained. However, depending on the type of stain you use, it may need to be reapplied every couple of years to stay vibrant.

Stained concrete flooring is a great option if you don’t want to use epoxy coatings to add color and design. 

Stained concrete is not slippery. The stain and dyes will seep into the concrete and is not a coating like epoxy. However, a coat of sealer will add more traction and prevent wear.

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