Concrete Crew Leader | Nashville & Murfreesboro TN

Job Description: Our team is in need of a hardworking crew leader who is knowledgeable about the concrete industry, strives in a team setting and excels at managing and leading team members. As our crew leader, you will be in charge of supervising each project and ensuring the process runs smoothly in order for the project to be completed correctly and on time.

As our mission is to provide customers with the best service in the industry along with quality work that we can be proud of, we want only the best to join our team of passionate workers.

If you think you would work well with our team and qualify for the position according to the list below, submit your resume and cover letter to be considered for the job!

Skills & Requirements

  • Minimum 3 years as a crew leader/foreman
  • Must be able to teach/develop others on new skills
  • Must be able to communicate to the customers effectively
  • Must be able to tow a trailer with equipment to and from the job site each day
  • Must be able to plan each project to be effective and efficient
  • Must have your own hand tools
  • Must be very dependable and trustworthy
  • Must come to work with a great attitude
  • Must be willing to learn everyday
  • Must have a driver’s license or valid identification


Must be able to:

  • Set grade for proper slope/drainage
  • Set forms properly
  • Use come-along
  • Use screed rod
  • Use bull float
  • Run edger
  • Broom finish/Stamp/Expose aggregate
  • Use jointer
  • Use concrete saw
  • Operate a skid steer

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