5 Surprising Facts About Concrete

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At Creative Concrete, we use concrete each and every day. Shocking, right? While we find concrete to be a fascinating subject, many homeowners across Murfreesboro, TN aren’t as enamored by the material. However, after you read these 5 surprising facts about concrete, we think you’ll change your mind!

The Inventor of Concrete

Did you know that concrete is not a naturally made material? Of course you did. This means that some individual had to have invented the material. That individual is Mr. Joseph Aspdin. Mr. Aspdin created this renowned and influential material in England and the world has never been the same since!

Even The Egyptians Used Concrete

While Mr. Aspdin is documented as the inventor of concrete, it is known that the Egyptians used a concrete-like substance when building the pyramids. Does that make concrete the 8th wonder of the world?

Without Concrete, We’d Be Hopeless!

Imagine a world without concrete. Without this material, we would not have sturdy homes or buildings and we’d probably still be using straw or other flimsy materials to build our shelters. In addition, we wouldn’t have the safe and smooth roadways we know and use frequently today.

Guess How Much Concrete is Made Per Year?

Over 5 billion cubic yards of concrete is produced each year by professional concrete contractors, do-it-yourself projects, homeowners, and other individuals. That’s a lot of concrete!

Which Material is Used Most During Construction?

The answer is concrete of course! It has been documented that concrete is used far more than any other building material during the construction process. Since concrete is used commonly for the foundation of buildings and other functional uses, it should come as no surprise that this material is used frequently during construction projects.

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