What is Concrete Overlay?

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If you’re in the process of adding a concrete fixture to your home, such as a pool deck, patio or driveway, you may have come across the term ‘concrete overlay’. What is a concrete overlay and how does it relate to the type of work that the professionals at Creative Concrete Solutions perform each and every day? Simply put, a concrete overlay is a particular layer of concrete that is poured over an existing area or layer of concrete. This procedure and concept has multiple uses.

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Regular old concrete tends to be boring and visually unappealing. By using the concrete overlay process, we have the ability to turn concrete into extraordinary works of art.

Whether customers want an elegant look for their backyard patio or a jaw-dropping design for their concrete driveway, using a concrete overlay can bring their vision to life.

Fixing Previous Damage or Necessary Repairs

Sometimes, either during the concrete molding process or throughout the age of the concrete piece, chips and scratches can occur. By using a concrete overlay to resurface your concrete, we are able to mask these imperfections and leave the concrete structure looking brand new.

Concrete objects within the home, including countertops and floors, benefit greatly from concrete overlays as these objects are used and seen regularly by homeowners.

Solid Structure

Although concrete is already a sturdy material, there’s no harm in making it even more durable! By adding a concrete overlay to a patio, pool deck, countertop, floor, or driveway, we can increase the lifespan and longevity of that particular object or part of the home.

Investing in a concrete product is a great choice, and by adding a concrete overlay, you can improve your investment greatly.

Concrete overlays provide home and property owners with the following three benefits, and when combined you have a beautiful and durable end product.

Did you know that at Creative Concrete Solutions, we offer a 10-year warranty on our concrete overlay projects? It’s true! Give us a call today to learn more about our concrete solutions for your home or property in Middle Tennessee.

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