3 Reasons Why Your Pool Needs a Concrete Pool Deck

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Good news, everyone: Pool season has finally returned!

Whether you already have a beautiful swimming pool (like these gorgeous Hunt’s Pools) or are looking to add one to your home this summer, there is so much to consider when the process begins.

You must pick the size, design, materials, and whether you want a diving board (easy choice!) Another aspect of installing a pool that must be considered is which type of pool deck you want to have. 

The pool deck is an essential part of the pool, as it dictates what the area immediately surrounding the pool will be able to accommodate.

Maybe you want a larger lounge area than usual, or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of a spacious grilling and dining area. Either way, the right pool deck can amplify the use of the space around the pool and really take it to the next level. 

To get the most out of your pool deck, there is one material you should turn to in order to maximize the space: concrete. Here are some reasons why you should absolutely give the professionals at Creative Concrete Solutions a call to make the concrete pool deck of your dreams a reality!

Affordable Durability 

Concrete is an extremely affordable option when compared to other popular pool deck materials. This material not only costs considerably less than wood and stone, but it also holds up better to the elements.

Also, concrete offers total resistance to rust, rotting, burning, or splintering. Versatility is another strength of concrete, as it can be manipulated to emulate the popular looks of common deck materials.


Concrete offers supreme versatility and can be molded to fit any area or design. As stated before, it has the unique ability to resemble other surfaces, making it a real jack of all trades.

Color can be easily added to the mix, opening up the door to endless style possibilities. The sky is the limit with concrete, so let your imagination run wild and give us a challenge!

Easy to Maintain

There are sealants and other protective measures to preserve the life and look of a concrete pool deck, but spills and stains still happen from time to time. Cleaning a concrete pool deck is as easy as can be, only requiring a mild detergent and the smallest amount of elbow grease.

Unlike a wood deck that can see shrinkage of planks over time, concrete will stay the same size as the day it was poured. We will recommend applying a new coat of sealant every few years to prevent fading, especially if you went with a beautiful custom coloring option.

When it comes time to decide what you want out of your pool deck, keep in mind that concrete offers more than just durability. Contact Creative Concrete Solutions today!

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