What Would You Do With Wet Cement?

When you’re walking along the street and see wet cement, you can’t help but write your name or leave a quick drawing. Your quick ‘street art’ will be admired forever once the cement dries. Wet cement has endless possibilities for memories, artwork, and so much more.

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Do you have an all-time favorite quote? Why not get some cement and solidify that quote for life? Whether you happen to find wet cement while walking down the road or you plan on adding a cement quote to your Murfreesboro garden, quotes are a great way to express your thoughts and feelings.


Let your creative side loose and draw something beautiful in the cement! From flowers to smiling faces, to whatever you desire, your artwork can be seen by all for a lifetime.

Add Glass for a Shiny Touch

Have you ever seen pieces of glass added in cement? The end result is stunning. The stoic solidity of the cement combined with the captivating light shining off the glass is a sight you have to see.

For extra creativity, you can add other types of glass or materials for a one-of-a-kind look.


Your children are only little for so long. Make a wet cement mixture, pour out a bit and let them stick their handprint in it. Then, you’ll have their handprint for eternity. Be sure to have them use a pencil or a tiny stick to carve out the date, their name, and whatever other details you’d like to become solid forever.

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