3 Untrue Myths You Should Never Believe About Concrete

As Murfreesboro’s premier concrete contractor, we’ve heard a wide variety of myths about concrete. However, the three myths below really take the cake. Concrete is a highly durable, reliable and marvelous material. The endless design, structure and appearance options your home and/or business can have with concrete are simply mind-boggling! Never, ever believe the following three concrete myths.

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Add Tons of Water to the Concrete Mix — It’ll Be Better!

A common myth is that the more water you add to the concrete mix, the better. In reality, the proper water-to-cement ratio is key to the final result. If you add an incredible and overwhelming amount of water to the mixture, the chances of a surface crack increase dramatically. Always stick to the proper ratio for the best results!

All Concrete Will Crack

Not true! If your concrete structure is improperly installed, used an alarming amount of water (see above), or your concrete contractor did not use common industry practices, your concrete has a high chance of cracking. However, strategically poured and properly mixed concrete will yield a beautiful and sturdy result!

No Maintenance Required

Many homeowners believe that they will never have to maintain their concrete fire pits, concrete outdoor kitchens, and even concrete countertops. While concrete is extremely durable, regular maintenance and other safeguarding steps will protect and preserve your concrete structure.

If you have questions about how to maintain and protect your concrete structure in your Murfreesboro house or business, you can always call your local concrete contractors!

Creative Concrete Solutions is available to answer all of your concrete questions and debunk any concrete myth you may hear. We’re also ready to help you install your concrete countertops, garage floors, and any other type of concrete project you desire for your home. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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