Concrete Cracks and Cold Weather, What Do You Do?

Mother Nature is often unpredictable and gives us many things that are out of our control.  We can’t control the temperature, rain, hail, snow, or the damage she may cause to our personal belongings.  One of the most frustrating things is seeing dings in your car after it hails.  Another is seeing cracks in your concrete driveway and sidewalk leading up to your front door.  Cold and other natural causes can take their toll on your house’s pavement.  It’s unpredictable and irritating, but we at Creative Concrete Solutions have a few solutions that you should consider if the cold cracks your concrete.

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If you’re wondering if your concrete will crack in cold weather, then you need to know that the answer is “probable”. With time and hard weather conditions, it’s not weird to see some cracks appear in Tennessee concrete driveways.

So, in this blog, we’re going to know what you can do about it to get a stunning concrete pavement again.

Patch the Crack

There are several options out there that repair and seal cracks in concrete.  If it is an isolated crack, a sealant may be a smart choice.  This is a viable option that won’t cost much money.

Treating the crack promptly will keep it from causing more damage.  You can even use a shade of sealant that matches your driveway, making the crack less noticeable.

For those on a budget looking for a quick solution, this may be for you.

Resurface the Pavement

Let’s be honest, repairing your concrete isn’t how you want to spend your days off.  Consider hiring a concrete contractor who specializes in concrete repair to resurface your driveway or sidewalk.

There are several steps that they will take in order to assess the damage and treat the surface.  You won’t have to get rid of your existing concrete, but the surface will look brand new after the resurfacing is complete.

Get Completely New Concrete

Have you been debating for months on new ways to improve your house?  Do you have a plain, straight sidewalk leading up to your home?

If you have cracks in your surface and are debating ways to improve/redesign your home, now may be a great time to get creative.  While the cold lingers, you can plan how you want your surface to go.  A curvy sidewalk adds some appeal to your home.

When Spring rolls around, contact your local concrete contractor to put your plan to use.  They will help customize and take over the labor aspect of your creative thoughts.  Getting rid of your old and cracked concrete for a new customized sidewalk may be just the improvement that your home needs.

Cold weather isn’t always nice to your concrete, so consider some of these options on how to combat the problems it can cause.  There are multiple options for people on any budget, so contact your concrete contractor and lay your ideas out!

Interested in laying the groundwork for your upcoming home improvements and combating the problems that the brutal winter caused?  Contact Creative Concrete Solutions for all your concrete needs!

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