How to Prevent Salt Damage to Your Concrete

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Did you know that salt could severely damage your concrete? Constant exposure to a salt substance is a great threat to your concrete pool deck, patio, or other features.

Creative Concrete Solutions knows how to fix your concrete when this situation occurs. But first, you need to understand how and why salt damages concrete.

How Salt Damages Concrete

One of the most common ways concrete is damaged by salt is through exposure to de-icing salts. Anything containing chlorides or mildly acidic will attack and break down the bonds holding the concrete together.

The following factors of salt are known to harm concrete:

  • Salt significantly lowers the pH of the concrete. This process attacks the concrete paste, increases the pore size, and ultimately allows additional water, chemicals, and other substances into the concrete, thus harming the structure.
  • Salt is a hygroscopic substance, which means that it attracts and ultimately retains water. As we know, too much water in concrete leads to damage. When salt is applied to concrete, water is attracted, retained, and creates more pressure in the concrete.
  • Salt also quickens the carbonation process. In order for the outcome of the concrete to be correct, the carbonation process must take time and slowly reduce the overall pH.
  • Salts introduce chlorides to concrete. In turn, chlorides are the main aggressor in concrete corrosion.

Sulfate attacks are another common way that salt damages concrete. Also, sulfate is a salt of sulfuric acid.

Sulfate can be found in natural waters, especially in rain. Exposure to sulfate will cause the concrete to significantly weaken and crumble.

Do You Have Salt Damaged Concrete?

When you notice that your concrete has been severely damaged by salt, what do you do? Call Creative Concrete Solutions in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, of course! We use CTI (Concrete Technology Incorporated) products to ensure that your concrete is completely repaired and ready to withstand whatever else Mother Nature throws at it.

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