4 Fun Concrete Projects to Try at Home

Fun concrete projects for your home

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Although we specialize in providing Middle Tennessee homes with only the best concrete pool decks, patios, driveways, and more, we wanted to show you some exciting concrete projects.

From art projects with the family to functional accessories for your home, concrete can be used for almost anything!

Concrete Hand Prints

Are you looking for a way to preserve a memory to reminisce over in the future? Place your handprint in wet cement. When the cement hardens, you’ll be left with a lifelong treasure of the past. Get creative and write a message, include the date, or draw a memorable picture.

Concrete Ring Bowl

Are you constantly losing your rings, necklaces, and other jewelry? Create a ring bowl and place your jewelry there each and every day. You’ll never lose your jewelry again! All you have to do is pour some concrete into the bottom of the bowl and paint it after.

Concrete Alphabet

All you need to make these nifty letters is an alphabet ice cube tray and some concrete mix. It’s as easy as that. Use them for an event, around the home, or even as a gift.

Concrete Coasters

This concrete project provides not only functionality around your home but also a simple elegance. Whether you opt for pure concrete, or add your own personal style and flair to the coasters, they’re sure to be the highlight of any party or event you use them with.

For more DIY concrete projects, check out this complete list.

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