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What to Know About Stained Concrete

If you want an affordable floor that will last you a long time and still looks nice, stained concrete floors are your best option. They can go anywhere but are typically used in high-traffic areas or areas that need to be more durable such as basements, garages, kitchens, mudrooms, and bathrooms. Don’t let the idea of concrete turn you off, though. One of the more popular interior options for concrete is to give it a glossy stain. Also, concrete doesn’t actually have to look like concrete. Through staining and stamping processes, concrete can mimic the appearance of wood, natural stone, marble, or tile.

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Substituting with concrete can be an excellent idea to replace some expensive construction and decorative materials.

Substituting with Concrete for Your Budget

The best looking materials to make your home look good are often expensive. By substituting with concrete, you can actually achieve those same expensive looks without the high price! See for yourself how concrete can save you money by looking at these material cost comparisons.

Don’t worry about sacrificing the appearance of your home because of a lower budget. Creative Concrete Solutions can replicate the expensive look you want to achieve at a lower cost without compromising on looks by substituting with concrete.

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Concrete Facts

How to Increase your Outdoor Concrete’s Curb Appeal

Don’t let an ugly driveway steal your home’s beauty. If not done right, concrete can look bland. Did you know you can achieve the expensive look of brick or stone but at a cheaper cost using concrete? You can also add colors and designs to make your driveway look decorative in addition to practical.

Why did you initially choose to have a concrete driveway? Probably because it looks better than gravel and isn’t messy. But after years of parking cars and ice buildup in the winter, that driveway starts to not look so good. A cracked driveway can lower the curb appeal of your home. Luckily, replacing it isn’t your only option. Instead, you can consider these options of upgrading your concrete and making your home look amazing again.

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Concrete fun facts

Concrete Facts: 3 Things You Never Knew

You see concrete every day. Whether it’s a sidewalk, parking lot, or even a building, it is all around us. While constant exposure to the material might have led you to deem it “boring” or “normal,” there are some interesting facts about it that might strike you as surprising.

Creative Concrete Solutions knows concrete. We’ve put together a list of some of the most interesting tidbits about our favorite construction material for you to enjoy!

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Concrete Driveways – Repair or Replace?

Let’s take a minute to think about the abuse our concrete driveways experience on a daily basis.

Between the multi-ton cars being parked on it for hours (and possibly dripping that infamous mystery car fluid onto it) and baking in the brutal Middle Tennessee sun all day, it’s a pretty tough gig to be a concrete driveway.

If you’re not familiar with the warning signs, you might not be aware that your concrete driveway is in need of some attention.

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Concrete Benefits

Outdoor Kitchens and Concrete: A Perfect Match!

As more and more people are adding outdoor kitchens to their custom homes, they are discovering the endless options they have to make sure these outdoor living spaces have everything they desire. The beauty of an outdoor kitchen is that it contains every familiar convenience and comfort of its indoor counterpart, including appliances, counter tops, sinks, cabinets and drawers. Of all the options you have to consider, one material that certainly deserves your attention is concrete.

Whether you can’t choose a flooring option or are stuck trying to decide on countertops, concrete can be the answer you’ve been looking for. Creative Concrete Solutions is here to help, for any of your custom concrete needs!

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