Concrete Driveways – Repair or Replace?

Let’s take a minute to think about the abuse our concrete driveways experience on a daily basis.

Between the multi-ton cars being parked on it for hours (and possibly dripping that infamous mystery car fluid onto it) and baking in the brutal Middle Tennessee sun all day, it’s a pretty tough gig to be a concrete driveway.

If you’re not familiar with the warning signs, you might not be aware that your concrete driveway is in need of some attention.

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What to Look For

Knowing how severe the damage to your concrete driveway is requires understanding what a damaged driveway actually looks like.

The most obvious warning sign is cracks, either large or small, running across the surface of your driveway. Cracks can be traced to many different sources, mostly the extreme weight of vehicles or erosion.

If you ever fear that your concrete driveway wasn’t properly installed, do not hesitate to contact your local concrete professionals to schedule an inspection before it is too late.

The other common driveway imperfection is sunken areas or divots. When the subgrade wasn’t properly prepared, perhaps loose dirt was used, and the concrete would not have proper support and would be prone to sinking.

Without proper support and the presence of excessive weight, it is quite easy for even durable concrete to give way to divots.

There are other cosmetic imperfections that may affect the look and curb appeal of your driveway, such as oil stains, that can be tended to differently.

Assess the Damage

It is important to remember that each case is different and should be approached differently. However, there is a basic “rule of thumb to follow, according to industry expert Joe Rizzo, that cracks or divots that are over 2 inches deep are better off being replaced, while lesser imperfections could be remedied with a resurfacing.

You will also need to ask, “How old is my driveway?” Age can be the largest determining factor of how susceptible a driveway is to damage, and should always be taken into account when assessing damages.

Younger driveways that are already cracking will most likely continue to split, as they probably were not installed properly, and need to be inspected for repair immediately.

Repair or Replace?

The bottom line is that it can be tough to decide whether it is best to resurface your concrete or to go all-in and replace it.

While there are basic signs and guidelines, it is always better to have an experienced and trusted opinion on the matter. While certain imperfections and damages can be seen plain as day, there might be some greater source of the problem that you can’t see on the surface.

Local Concrete Experts

If you are in the Middle Tennessee area and need a professional opinion on the state of your concrete driveway, contact Creative Concrete Solutions today to schedule an inspection and learn your best course of action.

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