Concrete Coatings: Does My Concrete Pool Deck Need One?

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After spending one day out in the Middle Tennessee sun, it becomes apparent why pools always attract the masses in the summertime.

Whether you plan on leisurely floating for a couple hours or just laying by the poolside for a hard-earned base tan, the pool provides an unbeatable way to cool off and enjoy a blistering day.

Unfortunately, a day by the pool doesn’t always come without any hindrances, as we have all undoubtedly experienced the effects of concrete baking in direct sunlight all day. One word: ouch!

At Creative Concrete Solutions, we work with you to combat this age old dilemma, and we do so by offering a unique product aimed at keeping your concrete pool deck cool in the sweltering Middle Tennessee heat.

What Does a Concrete Coating Do?

A concrete coating, or overlay, is a sprayed-on texture applied to a concrete surface creating another on top of the concrete. Resembling a “less aggressive popcorn ceiling,” a concrete coating is an ever-so-slightly raised surface that allows more surface area to be exposed resulting in more efficient heat transfer.

Just imagine extremely tiny air pockets that allow air to flow through and pass over more than just the top of the concrete. The lighter color of the texture also helps cut down on heat absorption.

What Are the Benefits of a Concrete Coating?

While the most obvious benefit is plain old comfort, a concrete coating does more than just provide a more palatable walking surface.

When UV rays are absorbed by concrete, they in turn release those harmful rays back into the atmosphere, pretty much re-directing heat back into nearby structures, air, and water. Creating a circulation of air on the surface means that these harmful effects will be significantly reduced, resulting in less environmental impact as well as more comfort.

As a contractor, having a concrete coating can score you LEED (Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design) points by providing an “environmentally friendly surface temperature.” This presents concrete with an advantage over asphalt, which can never be deemed “environmentally friendly” due to its extremely porous nature.

As a homeowner, a concrete coating can provide a much more comfortable sidewalk, patio, or pool deck while still reducing environmental impact. A nice day relaxing and enjoying your pool no longer has to incorporate the sensation of walking on hot coals!

Create Comfortable Concrete!

Are you tired of scorching your bare feet on blistering concrete? Contact Creative Concrete Solutions and learn how to bring down the temperature of your concrete pool deck.

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