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Winter is almost over and it is finally time to start thinking about the warmer weather. Spring is great, but we’re talking about the best season of the year – summer! During summer, all of our loyal Creative Concrete customers get to relax by their in-ground pools and concrete pool decks. Did you know that a concrete pool deck can provide homeowners with much more than a surrounding for their in-ground pool? Take a look at some of the benefits and additional uses that concrete patios provide homeowners.

Patio space

A concrete pool deck can serve as patio space for a family. In addition to securing your pool, your pool deck can make a seamless transition into a patio for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you choose to put an outdoor dining area or potted-plant garden on your concrete pool deck/patio, you’ll enjoy it all summer long. Creative Concrete Solutions wants you to enjoy your patio, so be sure to check out our fun patio activities.


What’s more suiting then grilling up some food for family and friends during the summer months? Just as a concrete pool deck is a great way to extend your patio, the same goes for grilling. Imagine spending the summer afternoons grilling up scrumptious food, hanging by the pool with family and friends, and relaxing the day away.

Visually Appealing

Did you know that your pool deck can match the exterior design of your home and garden? You don’t have to stick to a drab and boring color or material for your pool deck. Concrete can be formed, colored, and styled to your exact exterior desires. Whatever your personal style may be, a concrete pool deck can meet and exceed them. Be sure to spice up your outdoor pool deck with furniture, decorations and potted plants to continue your personal style outdoors.


Pool decks tend to be a haven for slipping, tripping, falling and other injuries. A concrete pool deck is actually slip-resistant and prevents common injuries that occur around a pool. Remember, while concrete may be slip-resistant, you should always enforce safety rules around your in-ground pool. Running around a pool deck is extremely dangerous and all pool users should remember to walk, not run, around the pool.

We bet you’re dreaming of relaxing the day away by your pool right now. The summer months will be here before you know it. In the meantime, if your home is in need of a beautiful concrete pool deck, you know who to contact. The concrete professionals at Creative Concrete Solutions are ready to create your concrete pool deck. Give us a call today at (615) 289-8823.

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